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Set up Podcast without a Prior FeedBurner account

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2013 03:55PM EDT
1) Sign up at FeedBlitz, fund the trial.

2) Click “Add Site” – this will pick up your main blog's feed.

3) In the site dashboard, click "New Feed"

4) Specify your podcast category feed

5) Once added, enable FeedBlitz Autocast for the feed in the feed's Settings

Test the new FeedBlitz feed.
Assuming your feed is like:

1) Open up the iTunes app on your desktop and test your FeedBlitz podcast feed on your local copy of the iTunes
program. Verify that the iTunes app likes the feed, grabs the eps, d/l’s the artwork, lists author name etc. correctly. Fix any errors that result.

2) Install the FeedBlitz FeedSmart plugin (WordPress). Make sure that the podcast category feed redirects to the FeedBlitz version of your podcast feed:

3) Test FeedSmart: Go to the feed SOURCE URL (i.e. the podcast category feed) in your browser. It should redirect to the feedblitz version of your feed. When that’s OK, anything other than FeedBlitz fetching your source feed URL will be sent to the FeedBlitz version of your feed.

So now we’re ready to tell iTunes to set up your account. If other services allow you to update the feed source, you can do that at this point.

4) Submit your original feed: to the Apple Store if you haven’t already. If you have already, do not resubmit – the redirection set up in step (3) above will take care of it.

Tell iTunes to use FeedBlitz
1) Go into FeedBlitz, navigate to the podcast feed, click the settings button

2) Expand the AutoCast section, scroll to the “new podcast feed” option, set it to be the source feed at and save.

3) That setting inserts an XML tag into the feed, which will be picked up by iTunes, telling the iTunes store to update the podcast from the URL specified in the tag (the one at It will do so – eventually - and then be redirected to FeedBlitz for the actual feed. When that happens you can disable the “new podcast feed” option in FeedBlitz if you like.
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