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How to set up Pippity with FeedBlitz

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2014 03:27PM EST
How to integrate FeedBlitz newsletter sign ups with Pippity, a pop up plugin for Wordpress.

1)    Log into WP account and make sure you have Pippity downloaded, installed, and activated.
FeedBlitz Form Code for Pippity
2)    Now, log into your FeedBlitz account and choose the newsletter you would like to work with, then click on "Form Code".
3)    Copy all of the form code and paste it into a notepad file.
Pippity create 4)    Then, in your Wordpress dashboard, scroll down to Pippity and choose “Create Popup”.
5)    Select the form you would like to work with and click “Save and Continue”. We’re just going to leave everything default and demonstrate the important functionality of this particular pop up – click “Save and Continue” again.
Pippity Manual Connect
6)    Set your desired actions and “Save and Continue”, go to "Manual Connect" and click Show.
Form Action Code FeedBlitz
7)    Go back to your notepad file with the FeedBlitz form code and copy the url that is located directly after “action=”.  Paste this information in the “Form Action” box.
Pippity Manual Settings
8)    Form Inputs section: Now you’ll need to input EMAIL in the empty email field and NAME in the empty name field.
9)    Hidden Values: The first “Hidden Value” you will need to add is EMAIL_ (value will be blank), then add EMAIL_ADDRESS (value here will also be blank).  FEEDID form code feedblitz
10)  The third “Hidden Value” to be added should be FEEDID; to get the feed id value, switch back to your notepad file and copy the “hidden value=” found after “FEEDID” – paste the ID in the value field.  
Publisher ID Form Code FeedBlitz11)  The fourth “Hidden Value” is PUBLISHER.  Go back to your notepad file and copy the PUBLISHER’s hidden id number and paste the value into the field.  The last value you’ll add is CIDS with a value of 1.
12)    Save and Finish.
13)    To view and test the plugin on your site, click the view button found in Pippity’s dashboard and then test it with the email address of your choice.

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