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What is a Parser?

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2015 02:31PM EST
Any third party system can be configured to send an email when an event – say a purchase, or a download, or a registration – takes place.
In that email will be data about what triggered the event, including the user’s email address. It is this notification email that you can use in FeedBlitz to add that user to the relevant list or autoresponder.

What makes this process work is a parser.

It is the combination of a special email inbox in FeedBlitz that the third party service can send (or forward) the email notification.

To set up the parser in FeedBlitz, an empty autoresponder needs to be created in FeedBlitz and a sample notification email from the third party needs to be on hand to analyze.

Defining the parser has two parts.
1. Usually specifying the sending service's "From" address or the subject line will do.
2. Tell the system how to parse out the data in the email to find the subscriber's email address.

After adjusting the settings, select the "Create Parser" button at the bottom.  
This will create a 
very long email address. Take this email address and add it as an 
approved recipient within the third party service.

Set up third party to send an email to the parser address.

The parser will then add email addresses to the autoresponder which will then add subscribers to the mailing list.
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