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Manage Your Giveaways with Smartforms

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2015 02:01PM EDT
As part of our continuing effort to help our publishers grow and be successful, we have just rolled out a brand new feature, Smartforms, which we believe will help you run your giveaways more efficiently and without the need for apps like Rafflecopter.
What would normally cost around $84 per month with Rafflecopter (, is included in your FeedBlitz account at no extra cost to you! 
Why use an autoresponder? If you’re planning to offer a coupon code, printable, or another incentive to encourage users to enter your giveaway, you’ll want to set up an autoresponder in your FeedBlitz account to help you manage this.
If you aren’t planning to offer an incentive, you can build a Smartform directly from one of your current mailing lists, by clicking the orange “Subscription Forms,” then the green “New Smartform” and following the instructions starting at 2b in the below instructions.
Here’s how you can use it to set up your own Smartform and autoresponder for your next giveaway.
1. Create an Autoresponder for your giveaway.
If you’ve created autoresponders in the past, to keep the template consistent, you’ll want to use the duplicate: this copies the template and the articles that are being sent.
If this is a new one, you will want to “create from scratch” and set up the template to match your site/giveaway theme.
Update the title and any other information scroll to the bottom to Update Publication.
Edit the articles with your copy for this campaign and publish it.  Don’t forget your deliverable.
2. Create the Smart Form, starting at the Autoresponder.
Do it this way as that will set the AR as the default subscription from the subscription choices in the form.
2b. From here you can remove extra text fields and add check lists (and make them required), add hidden fields, new logos/images, edit the header and the footer (for giveaway guidelines and more).
Any of these can be edited under Design and Layout.
The great thing about this form builder is that you can use it in so many different ways!
Once you have tweaked the form to fit your needs, click Save.
Then Click Code
Select the Whole Page tab, copy and paste the code into the HTML editor on your site and you’ll be set.
Here is what a mock form looks like:
With the new Smartforms from FeedBlitz, you can easily track your giveaway’s metrics, including how many times your form is viewed, submitted, and successful sign ups tracking.  To view this simply click the orange “Subscription Forms” button, then click the name of the Smartform you wish to view (, this will bring you to the Smartform dashboard which includes your form’s metrics
If you have any questions or come along a bump on the road, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support department. We’re here to help you be as successful as possible.
Send your support request to us via email:
Chat support is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm Eastern.
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