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Customize your form code for subscribing to a mailing list

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2014 02:57PM EST
All parameters are case insensitive.
<ListID> - The ID of the mailing to subscribe the reader to. It is required if no other parameters are present.
<Email> - Optional: The email address of the subscriber, if known. Otherwise FeedBlitz will use the email address of the currently logged user, if any, to pre-fill the email address with.
<PublisherID> - Optional: Offer subscriptions to all public mailing lists offered by this publisher account. If specified the <ListID> parameter should not be supplied.
Subscribe to the "FeedBlitz News" blog (listid 84):
Subscribe to all "Universe Today" mailings:
Subscribe to "A VC":
* You should URL encode the "@" sign in the last example to be "%40" but FeedBlitz will deal with unencoded email addresses (as shown above) just fine.
Presents the standard FeedBlitz subscription form for the list, including branding and custom fields as appropriate.
To determine the ListID, go to the Newsletters tab.  If necessary, click "All Lists and Mailings" in the left hand side bar. In the blue boxes visible for each list, the List ID is the number in the upper right-hand corner of the box, to the right of the "ID:" text. The List ID is also visible if you edit the settings of a list at Newsletters | Settings | Content Settings.
Other versions of this API allow you to request multiple subscriptions and to prepopulate form fields.
To subscribe where only the source feed URL is known, use the "Track" API instead.
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