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How to Migrate RSS from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2013 05:18PM EST
1. Create Your FeedBlitz Account
If you have not already done so, register for your account at
2. Tell FeedBlitz about your FeedBurner Account
If you have an upgraded account, or once you upgrade your account, you get to the screen below. (If you don’t see “My Sites” in the left navigation, FeedBlitz is treating you as a subscriber not a publisher. Go to My Account > Customize Your FeedBlitz and switch to “Blogger”).
IMPORTANT: FeedBlitz organizes your feeds and lists into “sites” like folders on your computer. A site contains all the feeds, lists, autoresponders and other online elements FeedBlitz runs for you that relate to that site. Whenever you want to work on an element at FeedBlitz, you access it via the navigation for that site. It’s worth taking a few minutes to watch the introductory video.
When you tell FeedBlitz about your FeedBurner feed, FeedBlitz will create a site to hold that feed, its corresponding mailing lists and more. As you expand your use of FeedBlitz and add capabilities (many aren’t available in FeedBurner, such as autoresponders and multiple lists), they will be added to the corresponding site. FeedBlitz has tools to simplify and accelerate the switch away from
FeedBurner. To start the process, click the “FeedBurner Login” button on the screen above to start the migration wizard

The next screen will ask you for your FeedBurner (Google) login credentials.

If you no longer have access to your FeedBurner account, do not press the “FeedBurner Login” button. Instead enter your site’s URL in the field provided and follow the non-FeedBurner path to configuring FeedBlitz. Then skip straight to the chapter “Step 3: Migrate FeedBurner RSS Subscribers.”

Your login credentials are not saved by FeedBlitz; they are only used during the migration wizard.

Select the FeedBurner Feed to Migrate

Once FeedBlitz successfully accesses your FeedBurner account, you will see a list of the FeedBurner feeds it has discovered.

FeedBlitz will use the selected feed to create the site. It will create an RSS feed (the FeedBlitz equivalent of your FeedBurner feed) that matches your FeedBurner feed, and will also create a mailing list to go with it. Remember, you can use FeedBlitz to replace FeedBurner for RSS, RSS and email, or just email. If you simply want to set up your new RSS feed and email
list, but do not yet want to bring your email subscribers over, uncheck the the “Also Import FeedBurner Email Subscribers” box highlighted above.

You can always come back and import the email subscribers from FeedBurner later. Whether you upgrade to FeedBlitz’s email services now or later, your FeedBurner email subscribers will NOT have to resubscribe. When you’ve start, FeedBlitz will look at your FeedBurner settings for the feed you picked, and replicate them as best we can in FeedBlitz so that they start off
being very similar. You will be able to update and modify these settings later to make use of FeedBlitz’s more powerful capabilities.

Once you click “Continue” you will be asked to confirm your choice. Once you’re ready, press the button to start. The next screen may take a few seconds before it changes; be patient while it works!

Review FeedBlitz’s RSS Feed Import

FeedBlitz will create a new RSS feed for you based on your FeedBurner settings. It will create a default feed path, and in the left hand navigation you will see the site created to hold the feed. You can edit all the settings on the next few screens, and you need to do this before configuring your online presence for the switch.

You will be at a screen like this:

Click “Customize the Feed” and you will then see a screen similar to the one on the next page, showing you the initial configuration FeedBlitz created based on your FeedBurner RSS feed settings. You can edit these settings here to better match your site name or brand if you wish.

As you can see from the screenshot below, FeedBlitz has a wealth of features on this screen that you can access by clicking the icon + next to each heading. For now, however, leave the “FeedBurner Migration and Compatibility Settings” as they are; the migration option comes into play later once you have FeedBlitz integrated and active with your online presence. You can always come back and review / change these options later, and our support team at will be happy to help explain them in more detail if you
need it.

Save any changes you have made, or skip to the next screen otherwise.

Refer to the FeedBurner Migration Manual for full details and information on adding Social Icons and Additional Feeds or Splices to your Feed.
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