Mailing List Dashboard I want to... Menu Tasks

The I want to... menu was a popular feature in our legacy UI. Knowing how often you used this menu on both the site dashboard and the mailing list dashboard, we wanted to make these tasks as readily available throughout the new UI as possible.

To help in your transition to the new UI, we're going to point out where the tasks of both your site and mailing list's I want to... menus can be found in the new locations of your FeedBlitz dashboard. This post will walk you through the menu from your Mailing List Dashboard.

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Take an Action:

Send, schedule a mailing

To send or schedule a mailing in the new UI, first select New Campaign from either of the following places:

You'll be taken to our Campaign page, listing our 3 email campaigns and available social campaigns. To send or schedule what was formerly called a Newsflash or On-Demand mailing, select Single Mailing:

Temporarily pause mailings

The quickest way to temporarily pause an automated mailing or funnel is to navigate to your left-hand menu and select Campaigns > Active:

Find your campaign in the list and go to the Dashboard of that campaign:

Scroll down to the Recently Sent and Scheduled mailings section and select Pause Mailings:

To pause all mailings associated with a list at the same time, including automated mailings and funnels, select Subscribers > Lists from your left-hand menu, select the mailing list you would like to pause, scroll down to Recently Sent and Scheduled Mailings as shown above and hit Pause Mailings.

Work with subscribers:

find a subscriber / view

Easily and quickly find and view your subscribers by selecting Subscribers > Search:

This information can also be accessed via a mailing list and selecting View from the Subscribers drop-down menu here:

Tag and assign

This option from the mailing list's dashboard I want to... menu took you to a screen where one of three different main actions could take place: apply a tag to a group of subscribers, move / copy transfer subscribers to another list, or delete subscribers from the current list. In the new UI, these options are now on three separate pages.

Begin by selecting your mailing list from Subscribers > Lists in your left-hand menu.

To move / copy subscribers from one list to another, select Assign to a List from the Subscribers drop-down menu:

To apply a tag or custom field to a group of subscribers, select Apply Tags & Custom Fields:

And to delete subscribers from a mailing list, select Delete From a List:

import / export

Quickly import or export subscribers by selecting the mailing list you'd like to work with (Subscribers > Lists) then selecting either option from the Subscribers drop-down menu:


Template Design

There are a few different points to access and edit a mailing template. We'll go over the two quickest workflows for you.

First is from your left-hand menu, select Campaigns > Templates:

Hover over the template you'd like to edit and select Edit from the Action drop-down menu:

Another way to quickly edit a template is to select the mailing list you'd like to work with (Subscribers > Lists), then choose Template from the Settings drop-down menu:

settings, schedule

Select your automated mailing by navigating to Campaigns > Active from the left-hand menu.

From the campaign's dashboard, navigate to the Settings drop-down in the upper right corner. To edit the list's settings, choose List Settings. To change the sending schedule of your automated mailing, select Edit Campaign.

clone this list

To clone a mailing list, select New List from your Site Dashboard:

Chose Clone an Existing List from the page of options to appear next, and select the list or funnel you would like to clone from the drop-down menu.

Another way to do this is select Subscribers > Lists and choose Duplicate from the Action drop-down menu when hovering over the mailing list you would like to clone.

Grow this list:

subscription forms 

Quickly access your subscription forms from your left-hand menu by choosing Subscribers > Forms:

Or from your mailing list dashboard and clicking on the Forms drop-down menu here:

Sms / texting

Access any SMS / Texting subscriptions set up or create a new one for your mailing list by selecting Forms > SMS/ Text Signup here:

all promotional widgets

Any promotional widgets attached to your mailing list, along with the ability to create new ones is found under Forms > Promotional Widgets here:

Automate actions:

activity-based triggers

From your mailing list dashboard, select Activity-Based Triggers from your Automation drop-down menu here:

integrations & parsers

From your Site Dashboard you can work with your integrations and parsers, or create new ones by navigating to Integrations from your left-hand menu here:

If you are working in a mailing list and would like to create a new integration or parser associated with that list, select Integrations & Parsers from your Automation drop-down menu here:

Both options will take you to the following screen with all your integration, parser and API information:

start a funnel

Begin a new funnel by selecting New Campaign from either location:

And selecting funnel on the campaign options page:

If you are working in a mailing list and would like to easily attach a current funnel to that list or create a new funnel, select Start a Funnel from your Automation drop-down menu here:

Analyze & Optimize:

metrics, heat maps / insights / charting, analytics

Access all your metrics, heat maps, insights, charts and analytics by selecting Analytics from the left-hand menu:

After selecting the mailing list you'd like to work with, you'll be taken to our Analytics Reports page where you can then select the report and information you'd like to see.


The troubleshoot page in our legacy UI is where you could diagnose any issues with your mailing list, send a test email or preview your email template. These options are all still readily available from your mailing list dashboard and your Settings drop-down menu:

And that takes you through a quick rundown of all the items from your mailing list I want to... menu actions. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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