RSS Dashboard I want to... Menu Tasks

The I want to... menu was a popular feature in our legacy UI. Knowing how often you used this menu on the site, mailing list and RSS dashboards, we wanted to make these tasks as readily available throughout the new UI as possible.

To help in your transition to the new UI, we're going to point out where the tasks of your RSS, mailing list, and site's I want to... menus can be found in your  new FeedBlitz dashboard. This post will walk you through the menu from your RSS List Dashboard.

All the tasks from your I want to... drop-down menu can be found in your new task menu located in the uppder right-hand corner of your RSS Dashboard. To save time and searching, we'll go through each task to highlight where it's now located in your new user interface.


Feed Settings

Change your feed settings by selecting Feed settings from your Settings drop-down here:

Per-post sharing

Update information related to per post sharing capabilities by selecting Settings > Per-post sharing:

Include additional feeds

Add additional feeds to this feed (also known as splicing your feed) at Settings > Include additional feeds:

Clone this feed

Create an exact replica, or clone, of a feed at Settings > Clone this feed:

Integrate with my Site:

Guides & checks

Your feed integration tools and information is now accessible from the Integration option in the upper right-hand corner of your RSS feed dashboard:

View Usage:

View RSS analytics

Check the analytics of your RSS feed by selecting Analytics as shown here:


Force a resync

To force a resync and update your FeedBlitz RSS feed, choose Force a Resync from the Settings drop-down menu here:

Diagnostics, Metadata

Run diagnostics on your feed and check the metadata information by going to Settings > Diagnostics & Metadata:

Advanced: Raw feed XML

Pull the raw feed XML data, along with header information by going to Settings > Advanced: Raw feed XML:

Reroute Traffic:

Temporary redirection (302)

Should you need to temporary redirect your FeedBlitz RSS feed, do so by selecting Temporary redirection (302) from the Reroute traffic drop-down menu:

Migrate to new source (301)

Select Reroute traffic > Migrate to new source (301) to properly migrate your RSS feed:

Delete immediately (404)

If you are canceling your FeedBlitz account, you will need to delete your FeedBlitz RSS feed before completing the cancelation. To do so, select Reroute traffic > Delete immediately (404) to delete your FeedBlitz RSS feed. You can also use this option if a feed was created in error.

And that takes you through a quick rundown of all the items from your RSS dashboard's I want to... menu actions. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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