Where Do I Find How Many Subscribers I Have In Total?

With FeedBlitz you're only charged for the number of active, unique email subscribers in your account. If you have a single site or mailing list, this number is easy to see. However, if you have multiple sites or mailing lists in your account, this article shows you where to find this number quickly and easily in your account settings - no math required!

From any dashboard you're on, choose All Account Settings from the Welcome drop-down in the upper-right hand corner.

On the next screen, you'll see an audience total showing, however, this includes email addresses located on multiple lists.The number of subscribers you will be billed for is located under Payment Method in the left-hand sidebar:

This screen will show you the plan you're currently on as well as the total number of billable email subscribers. From here you will be able to determine your base pricing tier for upcoming monthly or annual charges. 

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