Why does my FeedBlitz feed not show every article or only displays one article?

The number of items included in a FeedBlitz feed is controlled in two places. The settings of your FeedBlitz feed and the settings of the website that creates the original feed.

Please note that FeedBlitz limits your feed by sizeTo check the settings of your FeedBlitz RSS feed, log into FeedBlitz and navigate to your RSS feed's dashboard from your left-hand menu.

This will take you to your feed dashboard. If you have more than one feed setup, you'll see a list of feeds. Simply select the feed you'd like to work with to be taken to the feed dashboard. 

In the upper right corner of your screen, choose Settings > Feed Settings. 

Select the Advanced Settings tab and adjust the Maximum Number of Feed Articles. Then Click Save Changes.

If your site is new, your feed length will be limited by the number of articles published on your site. Category feeds will also be limited by this.


Blogger's feed Settings are found under Settings > Other, but does not allow the number of items in the feed to be changed.

Blogger's maximum number of feed items is 500. 


Typepad does not allow the number of items in the feed to be changed. 


If a publisher uses Wordpress as their site platform, generally the number of items in the feed is controlled in the Settings > Reading part of the dashboard. 

If the Reading setting in WordPress is set to display more articles than are showing in your feed, and FeedBlitz's settings are also higher than what is showing in your feed, it's possible a plugin is capping your post limit. The plugin "RSS Feed Image," for example, has been known to limit the feed to only contain one article. Check your active plugins to see if this is the case. 

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