How to handle a 401 Unauthorized message in password protected feeds

FeedBlitz supports password protected feeds, but there are circumstances where additional steps may be needed to ensure Feedblitz can access your content. 

When working with a password-protected RSS feed, when creating or editing a FeedBlitz RSS feed or an Automated Mailing Campaign, you may receive a 401 / 403 Unauthorized message. 

When this happens, simply enter the user ID and password of your feed/site to resolve this error.

Should the 401 message persist after ensuring the username password combination is correct, FeedBlitz may be accessing your feed via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Cloudflare. If this is the case and you want FeedBlitz to access your content via your CDN, you will need to add a WWW-Authenticate header to ensure HTTP Basic authentication is supported correctly. How to do this will vary by CDN. For assistance in adding this header, please contact your web host or CDN's support. 

Alternately, you can exempt your RSS feed from your CDN so FeedBlitz.

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