How to Add a FeedBlitz SmartForm to a WordPress Sidebar

To get started, select the SmartForm you wish to add to your WordPress site. If you have not created a FeedBlitz SmartForm, please follow the instructions in the support article: How to Create a Subscription Form.

To place the form on your WordPress site, choose the form you wish to use:
Select Subscribers > Forms on your Left-hand menu.


You can also begin by selecting the mailing list or funnel you want to create a subscription form for, then choosing Forms > Forms from the upper-right drop-down menu.

Your Forms dashboard will appear showing any growth for your mailing list/funnel with a seafoam bar chart, as well as displaying all forms connected to the list or funnel.

Each subscription form has its own Dashboard with Edit and Cloning capabilities.

Select Edit Design of the form you would like to add. For this example, we are adding a form to a sidebar.

Select the Code tab and choose Script. Highlight and copy the code using Control-C if you using Windows or Command-C if you are using macOS.

In your WordPress dashboard, select and drag the Custom HTML widget from Available Widgets to where you would like it to display in your sidebar.

Paste the code you copied from the editor into the Custom HTML Widget and click Save.

If your WordPress Site has a cache, clear it.


Using the script code will allow updates to the design of the form to be live on your site as soon as they are saved on FeedBlitz. If you use the widget code, the code will need to be replaced each time the form is edited and saved.

The popup version of a SmartForm is invisible until the rules for display are met. To check to see if you have placed a popup form correctly, use an incognito tab of your browser to test. 

Only use a SmartForm once per page. If you wish to use the same style of SmartForm, use the clone feature to create a new form and place it in a new widget.

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