Allowing Your Subscriber to Choose Subscription Options

Sometimes you want to giver your subscribers the chance to choose a subscription based on topic or cateogry.

With FeedBlitz SmartForms you can make this happen.

First, you will want to ensure you have already created your category-filtered campaigns.

You can start the form building process from your main list's dashboard or the dashboard of one of the categories you plan to offer.

Use the dropdown to select Forms > New Form.

On the next screen the form builder will appear. 

Click the gear icon next to List signup options.

Edit the prompt, if you wish, then tick the boxes next to the lists you wish to offer as choices.

Choose between radio buttons, tick boxes, or a dropdown as the method of selection.

Radio buttons allow a single choice, but display all options.

Tick boxes display allow all options and allow multiple choice.

The dropdown option only displays one option, but also allows multiple choices, but may be more difficult for some subscribers to use.

Your changes will not display on the right until you click Preview or Save.

Continue editing your form's design until you are happy with its appearance. Remember, changes are not reflected on the right in real time. You must click Preview or Save to display changes. 

Switch to the Code tab to get the code or link.

This is how to create a FeedBlitz SmartForm with multiple list options. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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