How to Clone a Mailing List

A mailing list is a set of email addresses used when sending email campaigns. There's a variety of ways to create a mailing list, including cloning an exisiting mailing list.

To begin, select either New List from your Site Dashboard or Subscribers > Lists from your Left-hand menu.

Both starting points bring you to the same page:


The clone list option will only show if you have an exisiting list. If this is your first mailing list, check out How to Create a Mailing List to start a list from scratch.

From the drop-down menu in the Clone an Existing List tile, select the current mailing list you would like to clone and click Create a Duplicate List.

You're then taken to the settings of your newly cloned list. The first tab is where you can rename the list and edit the description for it. (Keep in mind a subscriber can see this information when updating their details and preferences.)

In the Access, Landing Pages and Alerts section, you can edit details associated with the subscription process.  

Here is a brief breakdown of these fields:

  • New Subscriber Access - Is this list open to join by anyone or should the process be restricted to only allow a subscriber to join if they are added via a rule or action such as a purchase?
  • Confirmation Reminder Page Redirect URL - This directs the reader to check their email to complete the activation process. Subscription forms have a default prompt once a person has submitted their email address, however, you can enter a URL to have the subscriber redirected to a custom page on your site if you prefer. 
  • Activation Page Redirect URL - When the activation link is clicked, this will be the page your new subscriber sees. You can redirect them to your homepage, create a new “Thank you for subscribing!” page, or even list your most popular blog posts. It’s much easier to keep a reader on your site then it is for them to return to your site on their own.
  • Opt-Out Redirect URL -  Should a subscriber wish to unsubscribe from your mailing list, you can redirect them to a particular page on your website once they complete this process. This is an excellent opportunity to interact one last time such as by offering a survey for how you can better serve your subscribers.
  • Activation Email - This is the email sent to your reader with the activation link. Simple tips to customize include adding your logo to the top, editing the text to mimic the voice of your blog, and replacing “Thank you, The FeedBlitz Team” with your closing and name. Remember to keep the email simple. You do not want to distract the subscriber from the goal of clicking the activation link.
  • Real-Time Notifications and Subscriber Summaries - These are emails sent to you by FeedBlitz to keep you aware of the health and status of your mailing list. You can choose to receive notifications as they happen or in the form of weekly summaries if you prefer.

The Funnel tab is where you can easily link an existing funnel campaign to the list, for example, a welcome or thank you email. Once a new subscriber has completed the dual opt-in process, they will then be sent the funnel based on the campaign's sending schedule.

An Event Trigger allows you to create a separate action or set of actions, to take place depending on whether a subscriber confirms or unsubscribes from this list. For example, when a subscriber joins or unsubscribes from this list they can be added or removed from an additional list.

Continue for Advanced settings of your list including additional privacy, no index and compliance confirmations.

When all settings are in place, hit the orange Save Settings and you will be taken to your new list's dashboard. It will be fairly empty to start, but we'll walk you through ways you can begin populating and adding items to your newly cloned mailing list.

First, you'll want to add a New Campaign to your mailing list if you would like for subscribers to receive mailings. This can be a Single Mailing, Automated Mailing or Funnel.

Up next is to add subscribers to your new list. From the Subscribers drop-down menu, easily import a list or you can copy / move current subscribers from another list into this one using the Assign to a List option.

To create a subscription form for this newly cloned mailing list, select Forms > Forms and you'll be taken to our Forms Dashboard to either create a new form or clone an existing form.

And that's how to clone an existing mailing list in FeedBlitz. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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