What is Segmentation?

The simplest definition of segmentation is choosing a selection of subscribers based on a specific criteria a specific point in time

What does segmentation do when it comes to email marketing? 

Segmentation not only allows you to pull a select portion of your subscribers to view, manage, export, etc., it also allows you to send highly customized content to your subscribers. 

Let's say you're a fruit vendor or blogger with plans to launch an apple course filled with recipes, growing tips, and helpful picking techniques. Before launching, you may want to know how many people on your list are interested in apples, so you would search for subs tagged apple. Or to increase the chances of a successful launch, you email the course offering only to subscribers tagged with apple first to gauge interest. 

How they became tagged with apple is determined at an earlier phase of this process, learn more about that and how to create and apply tags to subscribers here.

When you search for all subscribers tagged apple or apply a filter to send a mailing to those subscribers tagged apple, you're working with segmentation. Specifically, in this example, the apple segment of your subscribers. 

The different ways you can use segments: 

Segmentation comes into play in two different areas of FeedBlitz

1. Subscriber Management - Searching, moving, copying, exporting, or deleting a precise selection of subscribers.

2. Sending an Email Campaign - Using a segment to determine which subscribers on your mailing list will receive the campaign, commonly referred to as shaping your audience (or mailing). 

Creating Segments

Segments are formed based on a common characteristic shared by subscribers. Ways you can create segments include creating a group, applying a tag or custom field, or filtering an audience by engagement levels.

Groups, tags, and custom fields are all manually created segments you have put into place. Engagement levels are automatically tracked through FeedBlitz and can be applied to any audience to determine who will receive the mailing.  

Ideas to Start Using Segmentation in your Email Marketing

Segmentation is an excellent way to help take your email marketing efforts up a notch. Here are a few ideas for how you can start working with segments: 

  • Send emails to your most active subscribers by filtering a campaign's audience based on engagement levels.
  • View subscribers who are least active with you mailings and move these subscribers to a re-engagment funnel or paused list.
  • Quickly filter and export subscribers based on tag, custom field, group, or engagement.
  • Easily send targeted campaigns for product launches, new offerings, sales, and more.
  • Automatically abide by an affiliate marketer's agreement by uploading the affiliate's suppression list to remove subscribers from your campaigns.
  • And much, much more!

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