Scope of Support

At FeedBlitz, our primary goal is to help you be successful.

FeedBlitz will always support the out of the box (OOTB) features of our service and associated plugins and scripts. These are features built into the User Interface (UI) with a defined primary purpose.

We are happy to provide support for the following types of questions/issues:

  1. Questions or support issues related to an OOTB or advertised feature
  2. Creation or clarification of existing documentation or product descriptions
  3. Inquiries about how feasibility of existing OOTB features meet a certain goal
  4. Using OOTB features to style or modify form output
  5. Demonstrable/reproducible bugs that impair the primary purpose of an OOTB feature
  6. Thoroughly documenting feature requests which may or may not become actual product features in a future version.

In other words, support is there to help you do what you need to do with our service. As such, we will diligently and obsessively support our products services and tools, provided that they are used (and where appropriate, installed) the way the service requires.

However, we are not able to provide support for specific issues or use cases arising from the following issues:

  1. Your choosing to store sensitive user information, such as social security number or credit card numbers, as custom fields in the FeedBlitz system. You are ultimately responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations, such as GDPR.
  2. Demands for custom development/features for a specific use case that is not covered by the standard service. We are always happy to hear suggestions and feature requests and, in some cases, expedite system-wide feature development for a fee.
  3. Conflicts with other plugins (always test our code with other plugins disabled before contacting support). In other words, if a third party plugin or script alters FeedBlitz's code or form on your site, it is no longer FeedBlitz code and we cannot support it. You will be asked to undo the change that broke our code, and advised to contact the vendor responsible for breaking it for them to fix.
  4. Conflicts with you site's theme or styles.
  5. Custom CSS/Styling of forms or theme elements beyond the OOTB features
  6. Asking for advice on non-service related items.

It's important to understand that FeedBlitz provides support for OOTB features so you can use the service yourself to do what you need to do. The support team is not, however, your staff to perform your tasks for you. If you want FeedBlitz to perform account-specific tasks for you, we will be happy to quote you a project fee for that work.

Our products are designed for a specific scope and purpose, and we’re not able to support uses beyond that intended scope. Overall, we simply ask that you be reasonable in your expectations.

Thank you so much for your understanding of our support policy. We look forward to serving you soon!

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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