How do I resend a mailing to people who didn't open it?

There's plenty of reasons to want to resend a mailing to your list. Maybe you made an important announcement or are gathering interest in a new product you're about to release. Or maybe you simply spent a few hours crafting a well-thought-out email and noticed not a lot of people on your list opened it.

Whatever your reason may be, you can quickly and easily resend any single mailing campaign in a matter of a few clicks.

Start by selecting the mailing list you'd like to work with.

From your mailing list's dashboard, scroll down to the area Recently Sent and Scheduled Mailings. Hover over the mailing you'd like to resend and select Edit & Resend from the dashboard drop-down that appears in the right-hand column.

This will take you to the final step of the campaign, the review and send/schedule step.

To resend to those who didn't open the original mailing, click to edit the Audience.

From here, we're going to use Filter Subscribers to narrow down the audience.

Select the top filter to appear, Resend and Follow-Up to see the following pop-up appear:

Confirm which mailing you'd like to work with (or choose a different mailing from the drop-down menu) and narrow your audience by selecting: 

Those who were sent and did NOT open the selected mailing.

When you hit Set Follow-Up Criteria, your Audience tab will change to reflect the filter being applied:

Hit Save: Back to Summary to return to the review page, now showing your updated audience.

From here, you're all set to resend your mailing to people on your list who didn't open the original mailing. However, we do recommend editing the subject line to increase chances of more opens.

You can do that by hitting Edit on the Template section:

And change your subject line in the blank highlighted below:

Hit Next Step: Review and you're all set to resend your mailing with a different subject line and to an audience of only those who were sent but did not open the original mailing.

And that's how to quickly and easily resend a mailing to those who did not open the original mailing. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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