Creating Groups Based on Subscriber Activity and Engagement

It's no secret that knowing how your subscribers are engaging with your emails and content is important to the success of your email marketing. Being able to use this data to re-target your subscribers based on their engagement and activity is, however, a secret that many big brands are using day in and day out.

When you send an email campaign in FeedBlitz, regardless of whether it's automated or a single mailing, each send generates its own set of engagement data  including open rates, clicks, engagement, forwards, bounces, and so on.

Combining this data with groups allows you to segment your subscribers based on their activity and engagement with a specific email campaign.

Adding subscribers to a group or creating a new group based on this activity can all happen in a matter of minutes - from your mailing's dashboard. We'll dive deeper into this below, but first:

What are groups?

Not associated with any list in your account, a group is a separate, static list of emails. Groups cannot be mailed directly, but they can be used to organize subscribers, shape single mailing campaigns, boost email automation, and more. 

Building Groups from Subscriber Activity on Email Campaigns

The two workflows below, creating or adding to a group based on opens and clicks, both begin by accessing the engagement data for a single mailing campaign. To do this, first navigate to the mailing list by choosing Subscribers > Lists from your left-hand menu and selecting the mailing list.

From your mailing list dashboard, scroll to the section titled Recently Sent and Scheduled Mailings:

Hover over the mailing of your choice and select the Dashboard button which appears to the right of the send date:

This will take you to the campaign's Mailing Dashboard:

Creating or Adding to a Group Based on Opens

To create a new group of email subscribers who opened the mailing, scroll to the area titled Top Opens, by Subscriber, and select the Export drop-down menu:

If you would like to add subscribers to an existing group, select Add to Groups and a pop-up will appear showing your active groups:

Creating or Adding to a Group Based on Clicks

When it comes to adding subscribers to a group, or creating a new group of subscribers, based on who clicked a link in your email, there are three sections from your mailing dashboard to do this.

Here at Top Clicks, by Subscriber:

Here at Links Clicked by Subscriber:

And here at Subscribers by Link Clicked:

For each option, you can create a new group of the subscribers or add the subscribers to an existing group - all within a matter of minutes and a few clicks of the mouse!And that is how to create groups based on subscriber activity and engagement. 

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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