Using a Link Action to Add or Remove a Subscriber to or from a Group

Sometimes you will want to add or remove a subscriber from a group based on if they responded to a call to action (CTA) link in a mailing or funnel entry.
If you need to learn about sending a single mailing campaign, you can learn about that here.

As an example, if you are running a re-engagement campaign prior to removing inactive subscribers, you may want to give subscribers a chance to stay on your list. To do this, you would send an email to a group created from your list's inactive subscribers. (You can learn about how to create groups based on activity level here.)

When you create your single email campaign, you would send it only to the group of inactive subscribers and ask them to click a link if they want to continue to receive emails. 

In this example, I used a button linked to a thank you page. Any active URL will work, but you want to make sure it is a good experience for your subscriber.

If a subscriber clicks, we know they want to continue to receive emails, so we no longer want them included in the inactive group. We will use an action associated with clicking the link to accomplish this. We chose Remove from a group next to Also do this when clicked:

After selecting Remove from a group from the dropdown, another selector will appear. This allows you to choose which group will be changed.

You will then continue sending your single mailing campaign just like any other. 

In our example, after sending another email or two using the same technique, outlined above, you would delete the people remaining in the group from the main list, confident that they are truly inactive.

You can learn about using groups to perform bulk subscriber actions here.

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