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The beauty of automated RSS-to-email campaigns is the set it and forget it factor, knowing your email campaigns will be sent as scheduled with your new content - that was the foundation in creating FeedBlitz. 

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How do I change the time my emails are sent? 

When it comes to scheduling your automated campaigns, there are a variety of times you can set for your emails to go out. Below we walk you through each of the possible schedules and what to expect with each option.

On Demand - Emails are only sent when manually send them. Not quite automated, but this is a great option to prevent emails from going out if you're setting up your campaign or making any edits to the campaign or template. Set the schedule to On Demand, get everything in place, then change the schedule to your choice.

ASAP - In order to send new posts ASAP, you must have PUb Sub Hubub (PUSH) notifications enabled on your site. (If not, we poll your feed and emails will fall back to the Express schedule.) When PUSH notifications are enabled, mailings will be sent as soon as we receive the notification that a post is live, generally within 60 - 90 seconds. 

One last note for ASAP scheduling, without PUSH enabled, there's a fifteen minute fallback poll at :00 :15 :30 and :45 past the hour.

Express - Active RSS feeds are polled (checked) every 30 minutes with campaigns being mailed in the next mailing window after they are found. 

Any post with a timestamp within the last 24 hours is eligible for mailing when it's found. 

It's important to note with Express scheduling, RSS feeds updated infrequently, less than weekly, are slowly deprioritized in the frequency with which they are checked. This can result in a delay of your campaign being sent.

Daily - Mailings go out approximately 30 minutes after the start of the mailing of the window with all new posts (within the last 24 hours) being eligible for inclusion.

Weekly - Your automated campaign is sent on a weekly basis with all new posts from the prior week eligible for inclusion. For example, if your schedule is set to send weekly on Monday, any new posts posts from Monday of the previous week through Sunday night at 11:59pm are eligible to be included.

Multi-weekly - This scheduling option works like weekly, but multiple times a week. Your mailing will include everything new since the previous mailing, but will not include any new posts on the day of the scheduled send.

To break this down a little further, let's say a multi-weekly schedule is set for Monday and Thursday. Emails sent on Monday will include any new posts from the prior Thursday to Sunday evening at 11:59 Eastern time. Emails sent on Thursday will include any new posts from Monday to Wednesday evening at 11:59 Eastern time. 

Please note: Backdated posts alter this schedule a bit. Working with the same Monday / Thursday schedule, if you publish a new post to your site on Sunday but the post is backdated to the previous Wednesday, it will go out in Monday's mailing.

Even though the new post was not live and available for Thursday's mailing, it still qualifies for the 7-day (weekly) window of Monday's mailing. If the post had been live on Wednesday, not backdated, it would have gone out in the Thursday's mailing.

To set up an existing list on a multi-weekly schedule, clone the existing campaign. Allow the cloned campaign to run for a cycle. The mailing schedule is tied to the RSS feed. Once the schedule has fully been established, you can update the schedule of the original campaign and no unexpected inclusions will occur.

Monthly - Monthly works in the same manner as weekly, just on a monthly basis. You'll pick the exact day of the month to send your mailings.

Multi-monthly - You guessed it, multi-monthly works in the same manner as multi-weekly. This is a great option for longer newsletters or monthly events. Choose your dates and you're all set! 

Please Note:

Templates that include a static number of posts will override the setting of only including new posts. When a static number of posts is set, a mailing will not go out if new content is available.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page

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