Why Is There Stray Text At The Bottom Of My Post?

Sometimes text can appear at the bottom of a mailing and it is unclear where that text came from.

Generally, that text says something like: This post first appeared on [domain.com] written by [name]. 

It can be a bit of a mystery trying to figure out where that text is coming from. It doesn't come from the post itself and it isn't in your FeedBlitz template.

There are two likely causes for this text.

SEO plugins like YOAST SEO or RankMath can add text to your RSS feed. Check the feed settings for these plugins to determine how to edit or remove this text. If it is unclear, the support team for your plugin will be able to assist with this issue.

The next troubleshooting step is to ensure that your feed or campaign doesn't have FeedBurner anywhere in the setup.

How do you ensure that FeedBurner has been removed completely?

First, check your campaign settings.

  1. Start on your list's dashboard.
  2. Click Settings > Edit campaign
  3. On the next screen click Edit Settings
  4. On the next screen expand the section Source
  5. Look for Article Source URL

If the URL is a FeedBurner URL, your troubleshooting work is done and you can move on to remedying the issue. (Create a FeedBlitz version of your RSS feed and replace the URL with your new URL)

If the URL is a FeedBlitz feed or your website's feed, you still have more work to do.

If it is a FeedBlitz feed:

Visit your FeedBlitz feed's dashboard and click Settings > Diagnostics & Metadata

This tool gives you a lot of information about what FeedBlitz sees when it visits your feed.

If the source RSS feed is a FeedBurner feed, replace it with your site's feed.

If the Ultimate URL Fetched is a FeedBurner feed, you will need to find the redirection on your site and remove it. Generally, a FeedBurner redirection is caused by plugin or theme redirection.

Once you have removed FeedBurner from your campaign, the stray text will disappear.

That is how to find and remove stray text from your email campaigns. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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