How Do I Change the Subject of My Automated Campaign?

The subject line of your RSS powered campaigns can be static (the same each time) or dynamic (changing) based on the title of your posts. You can also vary the mailing subject line based on whether it includes a single post or multiple.

Saving your subject line changes is a two step process. After making your changes you must:
  1. Click Next Step: Campaign Summary.
  2. Click Finish: Save this Campaign.
  1. Start at your list's dashboard and click Settings > Edit Campaign
  2. Click Edit Settings
  3. Click the + to expand the Subject Section

5. Edit the text in the text boxes. 

7. Click Next Step: Campaign Summary.

8. On the Campaign Summary page Click Finish: Save this Campaign to apply your changes.

The subject lines use links to ensure they are clickable in the archive format of your mailing. If your mailing is only including one post or article from the feed that powers the mailing, it will use the single post subject line. If your mailing includes more than one post from that feed, it will use the mult-post subject line.
It is possible to add the date to your subject line. You can learn about the many different formats you can use here. You can also use custom fields to insert variables such as first names. 

Using a custom field in this text field works like using a custom field in your template editor. If not all of your subscribers have shared their name, you may want to use this format to include the personalization.

<$if FirstName$>Good morning, <$FirstName$>!<$else$>Good morning!<$endif$>

In the example above, this tells FeedBlitz that if the custom field FirstName contains anything, to use Good morning, name! If nothing is the custom field for that subscriber, just use Good morning!

Please remember that subject lines are often viewed on mobile devices and will often be cut off. Use good judgment when choosing your words to avoid unfortunate screenshots.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat, or phone on our Support Page.


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