What is a Funnel Recipe?

A recipe is a sequence template for a funnel campaign. It's a starting point for your funnel, where you can easily add or remove emails, steps, or actions to the campaign.

FeedBlitz current has five recipes in place:  

Three recipes to help grow your list, an email course, re-engagement campaign, and welcome campaign, and two for your e-commerce efforts, including sales and event follow-ups.

Taking a closer look at the Re-Engagement Funnel, you'll see the foundation of your sequence is already in place:

You'll see this recipe has three emails created and spaced to be sent a few days apart from each other. You're now easily able to go through and update the content as you'd like, and add any additional steps for tagging or other actions you would like to take place.

How to Use Funnel Recipes in Your Email Automation

Because recipes were created to give you a jump start in creating funnels, they're perfect to boost your email automation efforts.

The Welcome campaign can easily be used to deliver opt-in incentives. The Ecourse recipe can double as a funnel to send any series of information to subscribers, or used as a sales funnel or with product launches.

Recipes offer the frame work for a variety of funnel sequences and can be used as frequently as you'd like in your email automation strategy.

If you have any questions on funnels, email automation or recipes, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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