How do I Create a Welcome Campaign?

A welcome campaign is one of the simplest - and often easiest - examples of email automation to set up in your account. Outside of your activation email, it's the first interaction with your new subscriber now that they've joined your list.

Your welcome campaign can be a simple 'thank you for joining my list' message or it can deliver a link to an opt-in incentive if you offer one. Another great use of a welcome campaign is to offer added value to your new subscriber by thanking them for joining and sending along your top 3-5 blog posts or products they may find interesting.

We used a welcome campaign as our example when walking you through how to set up a simple funnel. However, for this post we'll walk you through similar steps, but will be starting with our welcome campaign recipe to jump-start the process.And now I'm going to tell you something very important! Pay attention to me!

Key Steps Steps in Creating your Welcome Campaign:

1. Select the Campaign and Settings
2. Choose the Recipe
3. Edit your Content
4. Test your Funnel
5. Link your Campaign

Let's get started!

1. Select the Campaign and Settings

We're going to start a New Campaign and select Funnel:

Then give your welcome campaign a name and brief description. A subscriber will only see this information if they happen to unsubscribe from the campaign.

Continue to edit or confirm the envelope settings (these will default to your original settings, but you're always welcome to change them if you prefer), and adjust the tracking if needed before clicking Next to continue building your funnel.

2. Choose the Recipe

The next step is your Content. As mentioned above, we're going to start with a recipe since there is already one in place for a welcome campaign.  

Selecting this recipe takes you to the following screen:

3. Edit your Content

You'll see you have the “bones” of your welcome campaign already laid out for you. There's an email already in place, scheduled to be sent immediately when the subscriber completes an action, often confirming their subscription to your mailing list.

When you hover the email, you'll notice the pencil icon appear to the right. Hit this icon to continue working on your funnel.

The Mail Editor box will appear next where you can change the subject line, quickly change the template, see a preview of the content of the email, then continue to edit, preview or test the email.

Now to edit the content of the email and add your own, click the edit the email button highlighted below:

And the email editor will appear:

We dropped a few tips on content to include in your welcome campaign, but it's entirely up to you. Here is where you will add your text, images, linked items and anything else you'd like to include in your campaign.


If you are delivering an opt-in incentive in this email, we recommend Attaching The Document to the Funnel as well as uploading the download as a media file to your site and linking it here in your email.

To preview your work, hit Save Article and then Preview Email when the Mail Editor box reappears:

4. Test your Funnel

When your content is all set, we recommend testing your campaign to see how it looks in as many email browsers and devices as possible. Hit Test Sequnce from your Sequence editor here:

And enter your email address when the pop-up appears to send your test:

When you are sure everything looks good, hit Next Step to be taken to your campaign's dashboard.

When your funnel is first created, it's not linked to any other mailing list, so we'll need to either

A. Create a subscription form for people to join directly through the funnel, or

B. Attach it to a mailing list so subscribers will get the campaign when they confirm their subscription to that list.

To keep it simple, we're going to go with option B in this case. If you're offering different incentives for joining your list and you'd like to track the popularity of the incentives, option A is a phenomenal way to accomplish this.

To link your welcome campaign to a mailing list, scroll down on the dashboard to the Triggering Lists section.

You'll see nothing is mentioned in this box, so we're going to hit Link Lists to Funnels,

and the following pop-up will appear, listing your available mailing lists:

Check the box(es) for the mailing list(s) you would like to link your welcome campaign to, and hit Save Changes. 

You'll see the Triggering Lists is now updated in your welcome campaign's dashboard. 

And that is how to create a welcome campaign in FeedBlitz. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find all of our great support resources and how to get in touch with us via email, chat or phone on our Support Page.

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