What is the difference between a list, a campaign, and a funnel?

A list is a set of email addresses that have given permission to be mailed. A campaign is the email(s) that is(are) sent to that list. 

FeedBlitz has three types of campaigns:

  1. Single mailing -these can be called: blasts, mailings, newsflashes, etc
  2. Automated - these are powered by an RSS feed and send updated when a website has new content
  3. Funnels - other terms for funnels include: drip marketing, automated email campaign, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, etc

Both single mailing campaigns and automated campaigns send the same mailing to all of the list(s) at the same time. A subscriber will continue to receive mailings from campaigns sent to the list until they unsubscribe, they are removed by the publisher, or their email returns a hard bounce.

A funnel sends a predetermined sequence of emails to subscribers. This sequence starts when the subscriber joins the list associated with the funnel. The emails in the sequence are set to send based on time since joining. Each subscriber receives the sequence of messages based on the time they entered the funnel. If multiple subscribers are added to the funnel's list via an import, they will receive their updates at the same time. If they subscribers are added via a form, the sequence will start when they confirm their subscription to the list. A subscriber will no longer be sent emails from the funnel once they reach the end of the sequence. When a subscriber reaches the end of the sequence their status changes from active, indicated by a green dot to finished, indicated by a blue dot.


There is an option in funnels to prevent subscribers from entering the finished status. You can opt to keep subscribers active. This is useful if you wish to send single mailing campaigns to all of the lists in your account, even those that are associated with a funnel.

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